I was thinking it could be cool to do classic works of art in the oh so cool 8bit style. So here is the first the Mona Lisa if you couldn't guess. I have to say this is one of my favorite pieces of artwork I have done despite how simple it is.
I am a huge fan of the lawless wild west times. The lore and myth that surrounds the old west, and the heroes and villains the populated it. I kept meaning to try and draw more cowboys but never really got round to it. Well im gonna change all that.
This is the logo for a game I am currently working on, it is a fantasy style tower defense game that has lots of silly story with it. The box symbols under the title would also server as achievement icons. I am really a huge fan on 8bit.
Menu layouts for a phone based puzzle game. It pretty simple stuff but I managed to fit in all the elements the client wanted.
User interface made for a game while at uni. We wanted to have the look of modern first person shooters such as call of duty and Battlefield.